Apply for over 50 domestic and foreign patents

Over 20 years transformation of research achievements by the physics and chemical institute of Chinese Academy of Science

More than 300 functional products

More than 30 efficacy brands


Microneedle patch drug research and development services

Provide preclinical pharmaceutical research solutions of microneedle patches for customers, and provide research and development support for innovative drug delivery pathways

Pilot process research and development services

Provide R&D services for customers from laboratory processes to pilot scale production processes

R&D and production services for microcrystal patch cosmetics

Provide customers with microcrystal series products from formulation to large-scale production solutions



Cutting-edge technology

Multiple nationally authorized patents and cutting-edge technologies form a technological fortress

Business worry-free

Perfect filing and qualifications, worry-free market operation and development

Quality assurance

Modern 10000 level GMP clean workshop, ensuring efficient product quality


servicesCustomization of packaging, brand planning, and stronger product promotion

Cooperative Enterprises

Ruisheng (Tianjin) Enterprise Management Consulting

Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Venture Capital Fund

Tianjin Wonpeng Yisheng Management Consulting

Chongqing Zhongke Yinghui Equity Investment

Shanghai Xianghe Yongjun Equity Investment

Beijing Zhongke Chuangxing Hard Technology Venture Capital

Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Zijin Hongyun Health Industry Investment

Beijing Jinke Huiyu Venture Capital Partnership

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