Microneedle patch technology

Microneedle drug delivery technology is a new minimally invasive method of delivering drugs on the skin. The microneedle patch acts on the skin, and the needle tip can penetrate the stratum corneum to achieve transdermal/intracutaneous controlled release of drugs. This technology combines the advantages of injection and transdermal administration, and can greatly expand the types of drugs administered through skin, such as proteins, peptides, vaccines, DNA of biological macromolecules, as well as strong hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs. It can be administered independently and accurately, and its a platform technology for the development of new drug improvement formulations. Microneedle technology has been selected as one of the top ten emerging technologies by Scientific American in 2020, and these new technologies may bring revolutionary changes to industry, healthcare, and society!

Coating Microneedle Technology

The surface of the insoluble microneedle tip is coated with a layer of medication, and the microneedle can quickly release the medication when inserted into the skin, making it suitable for micro and precise quantitative administration.

Dissolving Microneedle Technology

Using water-soluble medicinal polymer excipients as the microneedle matrix, drugs/active ingredients are uniformly dispersed in the matrix material or needle tip matrix material to form microneedle patches. When the microneedle tip enters the skin, it can quickly dissolve and release drugs.

Swelling Microneedle Technology

The microneedle patch is insoluble in water, and the tip of the needle enters the skin to form a swelling gel. The drugs on the microneedle patch can enter the body along the drug delivery channel opened by the swelling gel to achieve drug release, and the tip after drug release can be completely removed from the skin. It is an improvement in transdermal drug delivery technology, suitable for high-dose transdermal drug delivery.

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